Kiss Day SMS 2018 Messages Quotes

The 7th day of valentines week is Kiss Day when lovers Kiss each other. As we all know lovers express feelings by giving gifts, chocolates, flowers, Teddy bear and kissing on this day. You can also send sms to your love by send him/her text whatsapp messages we are given here.

In this article we are covering Kiss Day 2018 SMS Messages Quotes.

1. What Kisses Mean!
Kiss On Hand=I Adore You,
Kiss On Cheek=Lets Be Friends,
Kiss On Neck=I Want You,
Kiss On Lips=I Love You,
Kiss Anywhere Else=Lets Not Get Carried Away!
Kiss Day SMS 2018

2. I only want 4 things…. See you. Hug you. Kiss you.
Together With You Always and Ever and Forget You Never
Kiss Day SMS 2018

3. Kiss kisi ki mahphil me,
Kiss kisi ne kiss kiss ko kiss kiya.
Ek hum they jisne her miss ko kiss kiya,
Aur ek aap they jisne har kiss ko miss kiya.
Kiss Day SMS 2018

4. People say A blessed KISS is on HEAD A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS A passionate KISS is on LIPS A romantic KISS is on NECK But seriously HOTTEST KISS is on Iron Try it:p
Kiss Day SMS 2018

5. Whats Live ? Live Is Love.
Whats Love ? Love Is Kissing.
Whats Kissing ? Come Here And I Show You.
Kiss Day SMS 2018

6. If A Kiss Could
Say Just How
I Love You . . .
Would Be On YOURS
Forever . . .
Kiss Day SMS 2018

7. Love Is Heat.
You Are Sweet.
When Two Lips Are Meet.
Love Is Complete.
Kiss Day SMS 2018

8. Just as a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around, May the new year add a new beauty and freshness into your life.
Kiss Day SMS 2018

9. Kisses Spread Germs.
Germs Are Hated…
Come On Baby Kiss Me,
Because I M Vaxinated
Kiss Day SMS 2018

10. Don’t Kiss A Lady Police,
She Will Say, Hands Up.
Don’t Kiss A Lady Doctor,
She Will Say, Next Please
Always Kiss A Lady Teacher,
She Will Say, Repeat It 5 Time
Kiss Day SMS 2018


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